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Moon MoonQuest  

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Getting Started
In this MoonQuest, you will explore the moon by visiting various websites and books about the moon. You will use the information you gather in several activities. So blast off into cyberspace to discover what it is that makes our moon so astronomical!


Tasks  [Top of Page]
1. Create a model of the moon showing mountains and craters using the materials provided at the art table.

2. Construct a five slide PowerPoint Presentation comparing/contrasting the earth and the moon.

3. Compose a story about what you would do if you were stranded on the moon for 48 hours. Be sure to include what items you would need to survive on the moon.


Process    [Top of Page]
1. Follow the links to the websites below and read the information about the moon. Take notes about the surface features of the moon and differences between the earth and the moon. Also check out information about the moon in the following books. Click on the photo of the moon to see an out-of-this world video.



c. The Moon Book: Fascinating Facts about the Magnificent, Mysterious Moon by Kim Long                                

d. Exploring the Moon by David Shayler

The Moon Book, Fascinating Facts About the Magnificent, Mysterious Moon     Exploring the Moon     Marvelous Moon Movie

2. Create a model of the moon showing mountains and craters using the materials provided at the art table.

a. Take one of the 8" styrofoam balls and dig out craters and shape mountains with the metal spoon.

b. Using tempera paint, color your moon gray. You should not be able to see any white spots, but your paint should not be dripping.

c. While the paint is still wet, cover the moon with torn pieces of tissue paper. Use darker pieces in the craters and lighter pieces on the mountains.

d. Place your moon on the drying table next to an index card with your name on it.

e. When the moons are dry, we will display them by hanging them from the ceiling .


3. Construct a five slide PowerPoint comparing and contrasting the earth and the moon.

a. Using this worksheet, classify the notes that you took from the websites and books into the following categories: weather, atmosphere, gravity, and surface features. If you do not have information on any of these categories, revisit the websites and books to complete your notes.

b. Fill in a storyboard for your presentation. The first page will be your title page. It should include a title, your name and a graphic. Label the rest of the pages with the four categories of information. Decide what information from your research that you want to include in your PowerPoint. Focus on differences between the earth and the moon. Get your storyboard approved by the teacher before beginning your presentation.

c. Build your PowerPoint presentation. Pay attention to design layout but be creative with how you present the information.

d. You will present your presentation to the class when we have completed the other moon activities.


4. Compose a story about what you would do if your spaceship crashed on the moon.

a. Imagine your spaceship has crashed on the moon. Write a story about your experience. What will you do while you wait for a rescue team?

b. Include what special supplies you will need to survive for two days on the moon.


Evaluation   [Top of Page]

If you have completed all three tasks, click here to determine if you would survive your astronomical adventure and get an "A" on all your projects!



Resources   [Top of Page]

For a list of all resources used to create this space station, click here.


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